Booking Etiquettes

You MUST send a 30% deposit before any appointment can be confirmed.  


   All Dates over 2 hours must include, Cocktails, Lunch/Dinner.

       I prefer dates that are at reasonable times, starting no later than

11 pm, and end no later than 2 am (unless of course it's an overnight).

      Please understand that unless I already know you, if you contact me between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. (especially with no screening information in first dialogue) I WILL BLOCK your phone number.

     I am available to be flown out to Destinations within the united states and out of the country (I have an up-to-date passport) ; I do require that you send me the money to buy a round trip ticket , and all expenses covered during our time together which does not include the Donation.


​I will always carry myself with the utmost pride and respect for myself and my clients. I always put my best foot forward as I love bringing excitement, and genuine hospitality to life! I'm looking forward to creating everlasting memories. 


1 hr | 350 *

2 hr | 600 *

3 hr | 800*

4Hr dinnerdate (2hr/2hr) | $1000

“clock-free date” | 1.6K

12 Hr overnight | 2K

24 hrs | 3.5K

** OUTCALL +50 

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